Bharath Ramamrutham - Bangalore Literature Festival (BLF)


Bharath Ramamrutham is one of India’s leading Architectural, Landscape and Travel photographers. With a background in architecture and design and an abiding interest in the arts and crafts of India, his work in both the built and natural environments covers landscapes, architecture and interiors, and the documentation of people, places and traditions all over India.

The prestige and popularity of his work has been enhanced by the extraordinary technical perfection of his photography, his emphasis on natural light and space and his insistence on absolute control of the photographic processes. Bharath’s architect’s eye and discipline have moved him to capture on film the structure and spirit, body and soul of the icons of traditional and modern Indian architecture. His unique capacity to capture not only the architecture, but also the culture of our times embodied in each piece of work make his imagery distinctive.

Bharath’s vision of establishing ‘Graf’, An Integrated Design, Visual Communications and Publishing Company focused on being image led and design driven, began when he collaborated with a variety of creative minds on a wide range of books and other communication material across all media. His recent books, also published by ‘Graf’ are Falaknuma, Hyderabad, Rambagh, Mansions of Chettinad, Treasures of the Deccan and Hampi.