Charles Assisi - Bangalore Literature Festival (BLF)


Charles Assisi is a co-founder at Founding Fuel (, a media and learning platform that helps entrepreneurial leaders identify new opportunities, manage change and innovate.

Charles is currently researching Project Aadhaar with his long-time colleague NS Ramnath, to co-author a book titled “The Aadhaar Effect”. It will be published by Oxford University Press and is scheduled for a global release in 2018.

This book examines what may the long-term implications of Aadhaar be on India, learnings that have emerged out of implementing a project at such scale, and why the project has got the attention of thought leaders across the world.

To understand all this, Charles and Ramnath have invested much time to engage in multiple conversations with key people across domains that include the core team that thought up the idea, those who are implementing it in the government, entrepreneurs of all kinds, technologists, multi-lateral agencies, the voices of those from civil society who have sounded cautionary notes on the potential pitfalls and its critics.

Charles is a prolific writer on Founding Fuel and writes a weekly column in the Sunday edition of the business daily Mint. His career spans over twenty years in journalism. It includes stints as the managing editor of Forbes India, national business editor at Times of India and editor at CHIP magazine. He first got into the workforce at the Indian Express in Mumbai.

Along the way, he earned the Polestar Award and Madhu Valluri Award for Excellence in Journalism.

Charles has a master’s degree in economics from Bombay University and a bachelor’s degree in Zoology and Chemistry from St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai.

In his spare time, he reads voraciously, but is biased towards psychology and the social sciences. He is married, has two daughters, and lives in Mumbai.