Darius Sunawala - Bangalore Literature Festival (BLF)


I was born in 1979 and brought up on a farm with only dogs, cows, geese and other assorted farm animals for company. Somehow, this set me up for a career in communication!!! In fact in school I was driven by a desire to communicate on a more than clicheish level. I was always taking part in debates, elocution, quiz, etc.…

While in college (where I was doing my BA in Industrial Relations, Economics and Sociology with English Honours) I began hosting a couple of shows at All India Radio and enjoyed it very much.

From A.I.R. I moved on to Radio Indigo on the Worldspace Network, Radio City, Bangalore and Fever 104fm (Bangalore).

Apart from Fever 104fm, I also consult for some other radio stations. I also consult with a couple of other start-ups that are doing some pioneering work in the audio domain.

I am an avid theatre person trying to be as professional as I can get in Bangalore and have acted in a number of plays, from Indianised classics like “a midsummer’s night dream” to straight out bedroom comedies and farces. Being born and brought up on a 22 acre farm I have a strong love for nature and the outdoors and enjoy camping and trekking on whim and impulse and usually in solitude. I also love writing and have written for various publications.