Divya Prakash Dubey - Bangalore Literature Festival (BLF)


Divya Prakash Dubey aka DP is bestselling author of three books (Musafir Cafe, Masala Chai & Shartein lagoo. Engaging and intriguing a lot of first time readers and carving a niche for himself he has started his own brand of storytelling, a new art of ‘Storybaazi’ which could change the very way we listen and understand Hindi stories. His letters, popularly called, ‘Sunday wali Chitthi’ are widely read. As the first person to give a TedX talk in Hindi, he is making significant inroads in the otherwise nonexistent popular Hindi writing genre. He belongs to a new line of Hindi authors who are rewriting the rules of the game. He is Chief Storyteller at leading online app Kahaniya for promoting Hindi online.