Dolly Kikon - Bangalore Literature Festival (BLF)


Day 2
2:15 pm
Board Room

Rumours of Spring

Farah Bashir* with Dolly Kikon*

* Indicates that the speaker will be participating at the Festival via Zoom


Dolly Kikon is an anthropologist from Nagaland. Her books include “Life and Dignity: Women’s Testimonies of Sexual Violence in Dimapur” (NESRC 2016); “Living with Oil and Coal: Resource Politics & Militarization in Northeast India” (Washington University press 2019/Yoda Press2020); “Leaving the Land: Indigenous Migration and Affective Labour in India (With Bengt Karlsson) (Cambridge University Press 2019); “Ceasefire City: Militarism, Capitalism and Urbanism in Dimapur (With Duncan McDuie-Ra) (Oxford University Press 2021).

Her debut documentary film titled Seasons of Life: Foraging and Fermenting Bambooshoot during Ceasefire (2020) is part of her ongoing work on food, fermentation, and ecology in the eastern Himalayas. She teaches at the University of Melbourne.