Dr. Vijaya - Bangalore Literature Festival (BLF)


Dr. Vijaya (Vijayamma) is a legend in her own right. She was the first woman journalist in Kannada who acquired star status. She was referred to as the ‘Devi of Kannada. She changed the very style of writing about cinema. She is witness to and an integral part of the cultural history of the city. Suchitra Film Society was her brain child. She brought the International Film Festival to Bangalore. She established a printing press, Ila Printers, way back in the 1970s through she which published women writers. She brought out a unique magazine on arts titled Sankula. She was also instrumental in launching Namma Manasa, an intellectual magazine for women. She was the first woman to write and direct street plays in Kannada. She wrote her doctoral thesis on Sriranga, the playwright. Her penchant for picking up budding talents and nurturing them has resulted in scores of writers, journalists, actors and singers.