Indira Chandrasekhar - Bangalore Literature Festival (BLF)


Day 2
10:15 am


Chandan Gowda, Deepa Ganesh and N Manu Chakravarthy with Indira Chandrasekhar

Day 2
5:00 pm

A Literary Decade: Out of Print

Jahnavi Barua, Raza Naeem, Rheea Mukherjee, Samhita Arni, Tanuj Solanki, Vasudhendra and Zui Kumar-Reddy with Indira Chandrasekhar

* Some speakers in this session are participating virtually via Zoom.


Dr. Indira Chandrasekhar is a scientist, a writer, a literary curator and the founder and principal editor of Out of Print, one of the primary platforms for short fiction bearing a connection to the Indian subcontinent. An anthology marking ten years of the magazine is being published by Context.

Indira is curator of Literature at the Kala Ghoda Arts Festival Mumbai and Mentor-Editor at G5A’s art and literary magazine, imprint.

As a fiction writer, she focuses on the short form, drawing deeply on her scientific experience working with the complex subtleties of biological macromolecules. Her fiction has appeared in anthologies and literary journals across the world, and a collection of her short stories, Polymorphism, was published by HarperCollins.