Kartik Shanker - Bangalore Literature Festival (BLF)


Day 2
1:45 pm

Moonlight in the Sea

Kartik Shanker

Day 2
5:30 pm
Naale Baa

My Family and Other Animals

Janaki Lenin, Krithi Karanth, Stephen Alter with Kartik Shanker


Kartik Shanker is an evolutionary ecologist at the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore with a love for both mountains and marine life. If he had a choice, he would spend all his time visiting cool places, looking for turtles & diving at reefs, or hanging out with students, talking about science. He is the author of the book From Soup to Superstar, a historical account of sea turtle conservation in India. He is a founder trustee of Dakshin Foundation, which works on coastal and marine conservation. In his spare time, he seeks to distract young minds from more serious pursuits with books such as Lori’s Magical Mystery, Moonlight and the sea, Turtle Story and The Adventures of Philautus Frog.