Lavanya Prasad - Bangalore Literature Festival (BLF)


Stories had always been an integral part of Lavanya’s childhood.She has been telling stories professionally since 2012,through her organization Tale’scope.Her stories are always intertwined with music and movement.She believes that using one’s body fully gives a greater and a fuller experience in storytelling.Her work has also taken her to various storytelling and literary festivals in India where she has performed and given workshops for children and adults.She has also performed for the Masai Mara school in Kenya and in the Victoria storytelling guild (Australia).She works extensively with senior citizens, with her “Roots project”helping them recall and document their life stories and also revisit to their roots using the folktales from their land.She loves telling tales incorporating the “Hari Kathe” format of India.Mythology,folktales and personal stories interest her immensely.She is presently collecting songs that were a part of Indian household that told stories about the way of life.