Manish Mundra - Bangalore Literature Festival (BLF)


Day 1
3:45 pm

बार बार देखो – Unraveling a Hit

Bhawana Somaaya, Manish Mundra, Supriya Pathak with Sultan Ahmed

Day 2
2:00 pm

Verse Interruption | कुछ अधूरी बातें मन की

Manish Mundra


Manish Mundra is an Indian film producer, philanthropist and businessman. He is the founder and head of Drishyam Films, and Managing Director of Indorama Eleme Petrochemicals Limited, a group company of Indorama, a multi-billion dollar petro-chemical firm headquartered in Nigeria.

He is an avid lover of cinema and is often hailed as a messiah of India's indie film-makers and believes that if content-driven independent films are made with the right budget and exhibited well, irrespective of big stars and huge marketing, they will find their audience and justify their investment. He has focused on making commercially viable films with touching human stories and commands great respect for nurturing high quality cinema with modest budgets. His company, Drishyam Films aims to build a platform for unique voices of Indian independent cinema and create global content with rich Indian flavours.

He has produced several films, such as Ankhon Dekhi, Masaan, Umrika and Dhanak, most of which have received widespread critical acclaim and have won laurels in several prestigious national and international film festivals as well. Manish is also known for establishing the Drishyam–Sundance Institute Screenwriters Lab for aspiring Indian screenwriters.