Pitara - Bangalore Literature Festival (BLF)


In an age where electronics are taking over the society, PITARA brings back the classic magic of imagination in a new and exciting storytelling game. This creative, non-competitive storytelling game is for anyone above the age of 7. Players draw random story elements (icon tiles) and twist their best tale using each piece, often collaboratively. The only limit here is your imagination!

The game pays more emphasis on storytelling than on gameplay, hence can also be seen as a playtool and not a regular board game. It enables people to think visually and create stories using visual cues instead of the written word. It uses balanced pictorial elements without fixed character constraints or specific plot elements, which leave narrative options reasonably open while still providing a source from which the storyteller can draw ideas.

Additionally, the use of pictorial elements, icons in this case, eliminate dependency on the reading skills of the players, making this a visual literacy and verbal skill development tool useful for both adults and kids.