Ramya Sreedhar - Bangalore Literature Festival (BLF)


Day 2
12:45 pm

Ramsy on the New Track

Ramya Sreedhar


Ramya Sreedhar, who goes by the name Ramsy, is a rapper in Hindi, Kannada and English. She writes, composes and performs her raps. Her rap Waqt Aaya Hai ‘ in Hindi in support of the farmers was well received pan India. Her Kannada rap ‘Wake Up’ has crossed 1.3M hits and counting. She has been featured extensively in the media.

Ramya is also an entrepreneur who runs music production company Siara Studios.

She is a wellness coach, life skills trainer for corporate companies. She is also a fitness Guru.

Her new single in Kannada ‘Hudugur LIfe Kashta Guru’ is being launched in Bangalore Lit Fest.