Samantak Bhadra - Bangalore Literature Festival (BLF)


Day 2
12:15 pm

Jeena Yahaan, Marna Yahaan

Padmavati Rao, MK Raghavendra and Vidyashankar N with Samantak Bhadra


Samantak Bhadra’s poems and reviews have been published in magazines and anthologies like Rain Taxi, The Missing Slate, Solstice Initiative, Recours au Poème, 40 Under 40, Knot Magazine and Taj Mahal Review among others. He has been conducting poetry readings and workshops in Bangalore, Pune and Mumbai since 2014. He is a TEDx speaker and a Millennium Fellow and runs a branding, marketing and art consulting company called theSound through which he helps authors and publishers market their books better.