TCA Srinivasa Raghavan - Bangalore Literature Festival (BLF)


1. Economics Editor, Macmillan India (1975-80).
2. Assistant Editor, Eastern Economist (1980-82)
3. Assistant Editor, Financial Express (1982-85).
4. Economics Editor, Indian Express (1985-89).
5. Associate Editor, Economic Times (1989-94). Editorial page editor.
6. Associate Editor, Business Standard (1994-97). Editorial page editor.
7. Associate Editor, Hindu Business Line (2008-13)
8. General Editor, RBI History, Volume 3; and Consultant to RBI History, Volume 4.
9. Editor, Margin, National Council of Applied Economic Research (2003-06)
10. Advisor, Director, ICRIER (2007-08) 11. Editorial Advisor to CEO, The Hindu (2013)
12. Consultant, Committee on Financial Sector Assessment (RBI, 2008)
13. Senior Fellow, Asian Institute of Transport Development, New Delhi
14. Distinguished Fellow, Institute of Peace and Conflict, New Delhi.
15. Member, Railways sub-group of the Committee on Transport Modernisation set up by the Planning Commission 16. Visiting Faculty, LBSNAA, Mussoorie (2002-11)
17. Consultant, Madras Institute of Development Studies.
18. Awarded by Swarajya Magazine for contributions to India’s political economy, 2016

1. Visiting Fellow, Queen Elizabeth House, Oxford, 1990
2. Visiting Press Fellow, Wolfson College, Cambridge, 1983
3. Consultant, ICRIER, 1987-89 (Liberalisation of trade in services)
4. Visiting Fellow, Centre for Development Economics, Delhi School of Economics liberalisation of insurance (1999)

1. Do Economic Sanctions Work? Asian Institute of Transport Development, New Delhi, 1999, (Monograph).
2. Infrastructure Finance, Asian Institute of Transport Development, New Delhi, 2000 (Monograph)
3. “Does Say’s Law Work in Education?” (in Economic Reforms for the Poor edited by Subhasis Gangopadhyay. Konark, 2000
4. Governance and Sustainable Development in Transport (in Transport and Communications Bulletin for Asia and the Pacific, No 71, UNESCAP, 2002)
5. Open Access in Power: The International Experience (Margin, April-June 2004, NCAER)
6. Contributed a Chapter to ‘Patterns of Economic Regionalism in Regional Cooperation in South Asia, by Kripa Sridharan, IESAS, Singapore, 2007’
7. Contributed a Chapter on economic relations to ‘Indo-US Relations’, by Kripa Sridharan, ISAS Singapore, 2008.
8. ‘Global Prosperity and the Prospect of War in the 21 st Century’ in “War, Peace and Hegemony in a Globalised World”, Chandra Chari (ed). Routledge, 2008
9. ‘To err is statesman-like, to learn folly’ in “Superpower Rivalry and Conflict”, Chandra Chari (ed.) Routledge, 2010.
10. On The Turnpike: 50 years of the Indian Economic Service and India’s Development Experience (For the Ministry of Finance)
11. “Rise of India and China: A Perspective from Asia”, in International Relations and Foreign Policy, Australia-India Institute, Melbourne, 2013.
12. Monetary History of India since 1875. Working Paper at Madras Institute of Development Studies, 2016.
13. Dialogue of the Deaf: RBI V Finance Ministry, Westland, 2017