Twinkle Khanna - Bangalore Literature Festival (BLF)


Having started off as Mrs Funnybones, Twinkle Khanna is now one of the country’s mot popular but also insightful and mature social commentators.

The Legend of Lakshmi Prasad is poised to hit the 100k mark any day now. Since it was published the book has taken off on a life of its own – one of the stories from the book is currently in the last stages of production to be turned into a feature film (Padman). Another of her stories ‘Salaam, Nonni Appa’ is being turned into a play that’s already garnering buzz. ​Her book has completely thrown out the ​publishing assumption that Indians don’t read short stories. ​

Twinkle Khanna is an acclaimed columnist and best-selling author of Mrs Funnybones. She lives in Mumbai.

Named India Today’s Woman Writer of the Year 2017, Twinkle is now the face of Google Pixel and Airbnb, and all through it she retains her trademark wit.