Interact - Bangalore Literature Festival 2023


Arch of Wisdom



Arch of Wisdom is a sculptural piece, a welcoming space for interaction and celebration of literature. The installation announces and acts as an abstract gateway to the world of literature, a pathway to connect with and experience books. The physical form references iconic Bangalore architectural composition and elements and in the context of the Festival, takes position as a monument celebrating books. The installation also promotes exchange of books and ideas, creating a special social space encouraging the sense of community at our Festival. The arch itself acts as a frame for holding books, a space for sharing books, and designed to encourage visitors to interact.

Arch of Wisdom is a gateway, a bookshelf and a sculpture for prose pleasure and poetic jubilation.

Design and execution by Fathil Kummayapurath

10:00 am onwards
Festival Bookstore

Servants of Knowledge



Servants of Knowledge is an effort to digitise and make available knowledge in India. The effort is coordinated by Public Resource, a U.S.-based nonprofit organisation. Initially based in the Indian Academy of Sciences in Bengaluru, the group has digitised numerous collections from organisations such as the World Konkani Centre in Mangaluru, the Rojah Muthiah Library in Chennai, and the BMShri Prashitishtana Library in Bengaluru. Most recently, Servants of Knowledge digitised the entire library of the National Law School of India University and is making those books available to blind law students and researchers around India and the world. Servants of Knowledge is based at Gandhi Bhavana in Bengaluru where they are currently digitising the full library at a pace of 14 lakh pages per month.

At the Bangalore Literature Festival, Servants of Knowledge is installing 4 scanners in the bookstore, and will be digitising books from a number of sources. Please stop by and see how this is done!

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In partnership with
Public Resource