ScreenLit - Bangalore Literature Festival 2023
Building on the success of LitMart, the pitch platform for aspiring authors, the Bangalore Literature Festival is excited to announce the ScreenLit, a forum where aspiring screen writers get a chance to pitch their scripts to a jury comprising of producers, directors, writers, agents, film reviewers and critics.

How does it work?

Submit information about your screen idea, through our online form. Click on the Apply link at the top right of the page.

Our jury will evaluate all the entries we receive and shortlist 5 finalists. The finalists get a chance to pitch their screen idea to a jury, get feedback and make connections for potential screenplay opportunities. The ScreenLit finals pitch event will be held at the Bangalore Literature Festival on 2-3 December 2023

What to submit?

A plot summary in 2-3 pages. While your eventual story could be in Hindi or other Indian languages, we ask that the plot summary that you submit be in English for the benefit of the wider jury.

What is the selection procedure?

Submissions will be accepted only via the online submission form. The jury will select 15 finalists and an additional 5 wait-listed entries. Finalists will be required to confirm their ability to attend the ScreenLit finals pitch event on at the Bangalore Literature Festival.

ScreenLit Pitch Format

The format for the final pitches could be in any format that suits the idea best – storytelling, short video or a slide deck, as long as it is within THREE minutes. The pitch will be followed by a short Q&A from the jury. Pitching will be in front of a live audience.


We are no longer accepting submissions for ScreenLit 2023.
The 5 finalists will be notified by 11pm on 15 November 2023 via individual emails.

Terms & Conditions

  • Only original scripts that have not been previously adapted to any form of screenplay can be submitted to ScreenLit. The pitch platform accepts only unpublished work.
  • An individual is allowed to submit a maximum of 2 entries only.
  • An entry submitted for LitMart cannot be submitted for ScreenLit.
  • The Bangalore Literature Festival is only a facilitator via ScreenLit to connect aspiring screenwriters with producers, directors and agents. We do not guarantee or commit to any deals or commercial contracts from the event.
  • ScreenLit is a platform for feedback and not a competition. The feedback of the jury is theirs alone and the Festival does not have any influence on the same.