The Atta Galatta-Bangalore Literature Festival | Book Prize

The Bangalore Literature Festival and Atta Galatta, the city-based bookstore and art-literature space, instituted the Atta Galatta – Bangalore Literature Festival | Book Prize in 2015 to honour the best of English writing, each year. The awards carry a total purse of INR 2 lacs for the three categories: Best Fiction, Best Non-Fiction and Literary Achievement Award in Kannada

The winners also receive an original trophy, Thought Beyond Words.

The Atta Galatta-Bangalore Literature Festival | Book Prize - Trophy

The winners receive an original sculpture titled “Thought Beyond Words” that showcases how creative insights precede their translation into language.

The sculpture depicts the mind as a tree and thoughts as birds. Birds come and go to the branches of the tree. Some fleetingly, some with more persistence. Some birds will take up residence in the tree, build a nest in its branches, giving birth to more thoughts.


A subterranean widespread jury headed by Jahnavi Barua and Manish Sabharwal.

2015 Prize Winners

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