If there was an award for the most entertaining session this would be it. Nikhil and Divya Prakash are a box of fun and frolic. In their attempt to revive Hindi literature they connect to the Hindi speaking individual’s sensibilities. They leave no stone unturned when it comes to charming even the non-Hindi crowd with their wit and humour.

The session was more of a healthy banter between Nikhil and Divya Prakash and everything under the Hindi literary sun was discussed, debated and contested. They spoke about the evolution of the usage in the Hindi Language, how Hindi that is spoken in college canteens and “sutta points” is not captured in the mainstream Hindi literary scene and how for a long time only a certain type of ‘pure’ ‘shuddh’ Hindi was accepted in the circles of publishing.

This duo has decided to challenge that very notion and through Hind yugm – their ‘Hindi only’ publishing house has given many stories a chance to come to the forefront so much so that many of which are successfully being turned to feature films and web series.


About the author: Monica Kamath is a curious being who strongly believes that a right time, right place and a right person can create wonders. True blue Bangalorean, a multilinguist who can speak more than five Indian languages, love to understand people, dialects and cultures. Largely an introvert but can masquerade as someone otherwise if she chooses to. Literature and poetry keeps her grounded and sane in this ever busy, technologized society. She has a bad habit of getting herself involved in at least three or more pursuits at a given point of time. Blog link – https://medium.com/@monicskamath. She currently writes for Bookstalkist.