When two amazing writers of rival streaming platforms Netflix and Amazon come together to discuss their popular web series The Family Man and Bard of Blood, a very engaging session is expected and engaging it was. The conversation at one of the most anticipated sessions at the BLF 2019 ranged from script writing to technicalities involved while adapting a book for web series.


When asked if the spy genre was going to be the thing for the web series scene in India, Suman, while bringing in The Family Man, said that he tried to give his own spin to the traditional spy thrillers. Considering that of late, more and more books were bring converted into web series, it was asked if the writers should be considering the possibility of their books getting made into a series while writing. Suman said that there of course was a commercial angle to it and it is good for the writers, but while writing one should not worry about the web series. Bilal agreed with Suman that books being made into series were great for the writers.


Bilal said that he was closely involved in the process of making of the web series, and added that he was also aware of the things that needed to be redone for the web series. “It is a new way to tell the same stories”, said Bilal on the web series as a medium, and added that “You can’t be so attached to your work that you become a problem”. On screenplay, Bilal said that it was nothing but a technical document for the director to follow.


On the differences between web series and movies, Suman said that there was more time to develop the characters, and that’s one of the reasons that people binge watch. Asked about what they thought of their shows releasing at almost the same time on rival platforms, Suman said that there is no Friday Box Office in case of the web series that they needed to worry about. Bilal echoing Suman said that streaming platforms are such that both of them can co-exist. They both broke into laughter saying they love each other’s shows.


Also the big question about the possibility of season two for The Family Man, Suman confirmed it was on.


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