Bookalore’s Puppet Party, a puppet-based story-telling event by Mrs.Vijayalaxmi was one of the best events for kids at Bangalore Literature Festival.

The session started on an upbeat mode. She started the story by singing a song ‘Dino Dino Dinosaur’. The enthusiasm was infectious! It not only convinced children to sing with her but also got their parents to join them in the fun.

Not only did Bookalore’s story contain fiction characters to teach kids moral values, it also included general knowledge and current affairs. The story includes various characters in the form of animals like Dino the Dinosaur, Jilmil the Butterfly, Flora the Sunflower, Boboo the Monkey, Kachru the Rabbit and many more. For instance, she started with story of Dino the Dinosaur, but while reciting this story she told about the dinosaur eggs at Dinosaur Park in at Ahmedabad.

The storytelling session was very interactive as she left few stories incomplete and allowed kids in the audience to complete the stories. This was one of the most electrifying kids session of the day, and throughout the session people were lost in their imagination.

By Mohit Patel