Brand maven Karthik Srinivasan took an hour-long mid-day session. He is a communication professional with two decades of experience in creating, building, and managing perceptions of brands across agency and client environments. His session was primarily based on how branding is as important as writing a book. He covered topics from varied niches, including how ‘you’ as a person should grow to how social media can be a portfolio of your work. 

He initiated the session with what personality and brand means in today’s era.  He gave insights on how one can understand what personalities can be projected to form the brand called ‘YOU’. As the session progressed, he covered the aspects an audience would generally look at when looking at the book. He also mentioned that it takes strong content and consistency to ensure visibility in a noisy generation of knowledge.  Karthik detailed how algorithms for social media is getting complex over time. Able to take away, ‘consistency is key’ – he indulged the audience with varied examples of how some of the top notch professionals making use of these mediums. He highlighted tweets from Anand Mahindra, Elon Musk and many more. He also mentioned that detailed analysis was available in his book ‘Be Social: Building Brand YOU Online’. 

As questions poured in from audience – he addressed them all. He mentioned how one must ensure if the right medium is utilized to broadcast your work. He gave examples of how Linkedin is profession based and how in multiple instances people deviate.  To wrap the session, he recalled the pointers regarding consistency and how one must focus on branding that provides good to the audience as well. 


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