The session had Shubha Mudgal in conversation with Deepak Unnikrishnan.Shubha Mudgal is a widely acclaimed singer, who has also been a performer, teacher, composer and an author. She has specialised in hindustani classical genre of khayal & thumri-Dadra, a semi- classical Indian music.

In the session, Shubha Mudgal explored her journey to success.The sixty year old started singing from the tender age of 7. Her enthusiastic spirit and love towards music helped her to master the craft quickly.

Shubha Mudgal shared with the audience her experiences as a singer in the music industry, which is also explored in her book, “Looking for Miss Sargam”, which contains her inside view about the music industry . The book also presents the various aspects of the world of music like rivalry, communication, musicians being indifferent to each other and also sheds light into the hierarchies that exist in the music industry. 

Through the session, it is clear that she is distressed by the fact that people who are not from the music industry are selling the music with the same standards without the proper survey and market research. Shubha Mudgal also spoke about the plight of newcomers, aspiring singers and the talents that never came to limelight. She expressed her dismay that except few, many talents were lost. She also spoke about the role of music shows in encouraging talent.  



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