Renuka Chatterjee was in conversation with authors Easterine Kire and Nora Bossong on the craft of telling a story and the stories that have shaped the world in some way or the other. Renuka Chatterjee is currently the Vice-President, Publishing, with Speaking Tiger Publishing and has worked for The Times of India in the late 80s. Dr Easterine Kire is a poet, short story writer, children’s book writer and novelist from Nagaland. On the other hand, sat Nora Bossong who is a writer of poetry, novels, and essays, and has been the recipient of several awards, including the prestigious Peter Huchel Prize and the Art Prize Berlin.

Ruminating over the method and importance of story, Easterine said that for her, the story mattered more than anything else. Renuka reflected on her work as a publisher and told the audience about the times she gets to catch hold of a book that has not a single word out of place. Adding to the this line of thought, Nora revealed her personal preference for words and style before she approaches the barebones of any story.

Renuka further enquired about how stories these authors wrote changed or shaped them. While Easterine confessed that she finds herself more humble by the time she finishes writing her book owing to a realization that she knows so less and there is so much more to learn, Nora feels a bit depressed while leaving her characters after completing a story.

The discussion moved to the stories that have changed or shaped the world. Easterine cited the ‘A Designated Man’ by Moris Farhi as a book that had affected her deeply. Nora on the other hand, cited the poetry of Derek Walcott to count the stories that had shaped her thoughts.


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