The Seasons hall at Royal Orchid was over-crowded within seconds for the session on “The Frog That Climbed over the Mountain.” The host was filled with enthusiasm and so were the kids. The host invited Kartik Shanker, the author of a book, ”The Frog that Climbed Over the Mountain” to conduct the session.

They started off with singing a rhyme which attracted the attention of the kids. The session threw light on various species of frogs and their ancestors. The author entertained kids through a PPT, which included images of various species of frogs along with their voice and videos as well.

The session was quite informative about various species and the places they belonged. The kids were amazed as their curiosity was filled with new facts and figures, such as the fact that there are 10 species of frogs in Bangalore, bio-diversity hotspots, the fact that frogs don’t like light and they like darkness, and much more. The session moved on with the story of how, a long time ago, India was attached with Africa and then continued with how only a few species of frogs survived during the volcano in which dinosaurs died.

To invoke their creative side, the kids were asked to draw for a while. By the end of the session a small Q&A session was conducted in which kids asked their doubts and curious questions such as: What is the life span of frogs? Is there a forest for frogs? Are there any frogs which can live underwater? In short, the session was interactive, fun, knowledgeable and interesting.

By Mohit Patel