How many of you loved pictures and painting them when you were a kid? We all did. And maybe, a few of us still love it. Chennai-based Tulika Publishers organised a fun session for kids of age group 7-13 years at Bangalore Literature Festival.

Saumya Menon, who is an independent illustrator by profession, was moderating the session. She made a fun game for the kids that required them to get into groups of three’s. Each person had to make one of the body parts of one creature on paper and pass it to the other group member. The other member has to draw the other part and pass the paper to the last kid in the group who will draw the last part.

Since the paper was folded in three equal parts, no kids were able to know what the other group member has drawn. It was interesting to find the pictures that came out as a result. While there were too many interesting pictures, our favourite was a creature that snake at the bottom but a human face.

Saumya then showed the kids few pictures she had drawn and asked them to interpret them.  Colour papers along with a white sheet were distributed among kids where they had to draw a creature based on their choice first in the colour paper and then cut the paper to paste their drawing in the white sheet.

With the chaos the children created, it was evident that each one of them enjoyed the session.

By Vishal Anand