Yogini Shambhavi Chopra is the Co-director of American Institute of Vedic Studies and she calls herself as an ‘Anubhavi’.Sharing her experiences she says the outer world experience is like an unsettling woman but the inner self is peaceful and not turbulent. Speaking on the occasion of Karva Chauth, she says a lot of women asks her as to why should we fast for men? To which she responds how fasting is not for the men but the household and the family which is the support structure of one’s life. It is the question of working with one’s own Shakti and internalising the thoughts of power and balance. She says this has made her feel that she is never caged by her family rather always protected by their loving care and compassion. Vamadeva, one of the panelists, asks her about Shakti, and she says Shakti is auspicious to her. It is going back to her own realities and Mother Earth or Bhudevi.It is to say Pranaam to the food, to the earth, to the soil, the water and everything which nature so kindly offers her children. And it is this resonance with Mahashakti which is auspicious and pure. Reiterating for inner stillness and peace she ended the session with a very important question: How can we work for world peace if we cannot embrace the person sitting right next to us?

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