Ranjani Rengarajan, the author of My Lyf Misspelt, provided her suggestions about how to impress the youngsters of the current generation with your writing.

Ranjani put out point by point guidelines in her speech that would inspire to write better.

1. Take the recent book you read, see what clicks you and that will be the same that you could write better.

2. It is difficult to make the young audience to read as they have an attention span of a fly in a sweet shop. They are known to follow everything in 140 characters, hashtags and news in shorts. Write about something innate and uncanny to impart.

3. Write about their feelings and not what they should be feeling. Let’s not tell them what to think or what to feel. Be natural.

4. Read more. It will open your mind to an unbelievable number of ideas. The imagination comes when you are going through every tiny detail in a book.

5. To quote Stephen King, write more. Write anything that comes to your mind. Do not think about what others would say. Just go with the flow. Once you are done with writing, when you edit, think about the audience. Add an element of humour to hook them to your story. Verify if your writing has a sense of a story. Think about what will blow the reader’s mind.

6. Pay attention to tonality. I am comfortable with first person’s narrative. Choose what you are comfortable with.

7. Writer’s block – an idea can occur when you are doing something as mundane as grocery shopping. Write it down. Keep a diary. Write about your day even if it is a routine. The words will find its way,

In the next ten minutes, she read out an amazing excerpt from her book that was catchy and classic at the same time. She shared her painstaking experience to find a publisher and provided some valuable points for the budding authors who were present in the crowd in the Q & A session.

About the Author: Lavanyaa is a fiction writer, published author, wannabe dancer, and voracious reader. To support all these fun activities, she works in the software industry. She currently writes for Bookstalkist.