The 4th edition of Bangalore Literature Festival commenced on 5th December, 2015. The two day long festival will have the best of speakers, writers and thought leaders come together and share their honest and unbiased views on literature and contemporary issues. The Festival, which promises to be a pleasing experience for literature enthusiasts, has its two stages this season named “Left Wing” and “Right Wing” to stand for the inclusiveness of this community-funded people’s festival.

The festival began on an auspicious note with the acclaimed Urdu writer Mirza Mohammad Zaman Azurdah lighting the lamp. “It feels great to be in the plains as staying in the mountains often makes you uncertain about your actual stature,” said Azurdah, who came all the way from the valleys of Kashmir to attend the festival. Mohammad Zaman Azurdah announced his upcoming project called “Kannada Afsane Kashmiri Mein” which will have Kannada stories translated into the Kashmiri language. You could not ask for a better literary bridge between North and South. The Sahitya Akademi Award winner also highlighted various issues such as ‘Challenges to Writers and Languages’, ‘The Debate on Relevance,’ etc. which will form the agenda for intellectual exchange this edition.

By Shubham Sardana