Rajat Gupta having been managing director for almost ten years of management consultancy giant McKinsey, drew from his experience throughout the session and shared insights on how not to get carried away by the result but enjoy the process. Rajat touched upon the philosophy of Bhagavad Gita “karm karo phal ki chinta mat karo”and how by truly understanding it he found it very liberating.


He was convicted for insider trading and spent two years in jail. In the session he talked about how he took it as an opportunity to know himself, he also discussed as how while being in solitary confinement, he discovered strength in solitude. On being asked how he dealt with failures, he replied “acceptance of mistake is the first step to overcome them” and positive frame of mind are vital for the comebacks.


Rajat mentioned that we should always be looking for an opportunity to do something good, Rajat revealed how his philanthropic activities gave him more satisfaction than other works that he was involved in ever could.


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