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Lanka’s Princess, Vamp or Winner?

“Without Shurpanakha, there would be no Ramayana, don’t you think?” asked Kavita Kane. “There wouldn’t have been a war if Shurpanakha hadn’t met Ram and Lakshman in the forest. She’s the main trigger of the entire series of events in …

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Women in Mythology

As feminism is finding strong ground today, it is nothing but essential to look into the past and realise the importance of women who were as much a part of mythology as their male counterparts.With this idea, on the bright …

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Remaking Hindu Imagination – Fact and Fiction

Being a fascinating topic in today’s context, the session Remaking Hindu Imagination session received a good response from the audience.

The moderator of this discussion, Mr. Raghunathan V, began by asking Kavita Kane about her motivation behind writing her wonderful …

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