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Lanka’s Princess, Vamp or Winner?

“Without Shurpanakha, there would be no Ramayana, don’t you think?” asked Kavita Kane. “There wouldn’t have been a war if Shurpanakha hadn’t met Ram and Lakshman in the forest. She’s the main trigger of the entire series of events in …

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Quo Vadis Higher Education?

Quo Vadis literally means “Where are you going?”. But where the current Indian higher education system is heading to, is something that concerns Pankaj Chandra – Vice Chancellor and Chairman at Ahmedabad University and Ex-director at IIMB.

On the second …

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Blogging Podcasting Anyone?

In India, blogging became a widespread hit when it first came into being. It is easy to write a blog, it is mostly free, and it is fun. For today’s everyday netizens, especially for those who like to read and …

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First Draft to Marketing – How to Get Published

The author of ‘The Amazing Racist’, ‘Panther’, and ‘Loyal Stalkers’, Tenduf-La grew up in a bunch of cities that includes Hong Kong, London, Delhi, and Colombo. Through his own experiences, Chhimi Tenduf-La brings the nuances in the pursuit of getting …

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