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BLF 2017 Reports

Comically Yours

Bachi Karkaria, Chhimi Tenduf-La with Amit Verma entertained the audience with their wit and humor in the hilarious session ‘Comically Yours’ at Speak Out that added laughter to the already lovely atmosphere.


Amit Verma quipped about Bachi coming from …

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The wall and the world of Kamadeva

When someone hears the word ‘Wall’, it makes a person to think about secrecy or something hidden, which is not accessible to the world. I think it was this reason which made Sowmya Aji use this as the title of …

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Blogging Podcasting Anyone?

In India, blogging became a widespread hit when it first came into being. It is easy to write a blog, it is mostly free, and it is fun. For today’s everyday netizens, especially for those who like to read and …

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Chasing Bin Laden

In an interview with author Rohini Mohan, Adrian Levy, an investigative journalist for 20 years, shared his thoughts about his explosive new book, The Exile, an insider look at Osama bin Laden and the workings of Al-Qaida. The book was …

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Of Peacock Tears and Holy Cows


‘Of Peacock Tears and Holy Cows’ saw Nilanjan Choudhury and Aruna Nambiar in conversation with each other about their novels. The first half of the session focussed exclusively on Nilanjan Choudhury’s mythological satire, ‘Bali and the Ocean of Milk.’ …

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The Writer’s Role in Speaking Out

As it is said often, the pen is mightier than the sword. According to the Malayalam short-story writer Paul Zacharia, it is the duty of writers to speak out because they are the wielders of the pen. Writers should confront …

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The Sanitization of Women in Indian History

Ira Mukhoty’s session on ‘The Sanitization of Women in Indian History’ was an eye-opener. In the duration of about half an hour, all the one-dimensional narratives surrounding a few historical and mythological women came tumbling down. The complexities of these …

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The Way I see It

It has been barely two months since the journalist Gauri Lankesh died. Yet her murder still sends chills down our spines when we think of it. Gauri Lankesh was shot in cold blood by unknown assailants, presumably for taking on …

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Women Travelling Alone

Chhimi Tenduf-La, a promising new author with immaculate sense of humor, shared the couch with Meenal Baghel, Editor of Mumbai Mirror; Pilar Maria, a prominent architect; and Jessy James, a traveling poet and a hip hop artist for an interesting …

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Women in Mythology

As feminism is finding strong ground today, it is nothing but essential to look into the past and realise the importance of women who were as much a part of mythology as their male counterparts.With this idea, on the bright …

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Writing Workshop

Creative writing, that many would love to hone, brings in a certain kind of joy, and pride to the writer. Rajorshi Chakraborti’s session on a breezy Sunday morning was packed with exercises that not only helped budding writers develop skills …

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Conversations with People not like Us

Madan Padaki, co-founder & CEO of 1Bridge, a last-mile services platform for Rural India was right when he said, “Conversations today are having a different meaning altogether. There is so much of impatience and distrust in conversations these days”. He …

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Festering Wounds – The 1984 Riots

While the session was titled ‘Festering Wounds – The 1984 Riots’, Preeti Gill, who is an independent editor and literary agent and someone who experienced the horror of 1984 first hand, broke ice with the panelists suggesting that to address …

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Journalist and News anchor, Sagarika Ghose’s book titled ‘Indira: India’s Most Powerful Prime Minister’, was published by Juggernaut Books to commemorate the 100th birth anniversary of Indira Gandhi. ‘Insecure daughter, Betrayed wife, National heroine, tough dictator’, reads the blurb for …

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The Secret Diary of Kasturba

‘The Secret Diary of Kasturba’ is the name of a book by Neelima Dalmia Adhar, daughter of RK Dalmia, who was also the speaker of the session with Sundeep Bhutoria. This is the third book of Dalmia but her first …

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