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Today’s Cinema and Children

Sunday’s 11am session at the Right Wing stage at BLF was a full house when three renowned individuals associated to films spoke about its impact on children. Malavika Avinash, Prakash Belawadi and Ramya along with the moderator Darius Sunawala discussed …

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Magic and Mystery: A Storywriting Workshop

Keeping with the tradition of planting the seeds of creativity at a tender age, BLF held a Magic and Mystery Storywriting Workshop with authors Pavitra Sankaran and Asha Nehemiah. Pavithra Sankaran, the author of Something Fishy, is an avid reader …

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Tiger by the Tail: Tiger Quiz

Venita Coelho is very angry. Do you know why? Tigers all over are being captured and killed because almost every part of the Tiger’s body is useful, ornamental, and above all extremely valuable in the market. Can you beat the kids at the Tiger Quiz - a test of lesser-known facts about the Tiger’s characteristics?

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