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Pangs of Separation: Partition Tales

Partition is the defining moment for all the countries concerned. Many many years after the event, it still impacts the countries and its people greatly, especially where the relations between India and Pakistan is concerned – Kashmir is still called …

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Women’s Narratives- from the Personal to the Political

Almost anything a woman does today, whether intentional or not, becomes political. One cannot separate politics from a woman’s life. Women have a choice in terms of the garb they wear: that of a victim, a ninja or warrior, or they can play a game of pretense. Women’s freedoms are being curtailed and their voices stifled but there is hope for a Post Gender Generation where everyone, whether woman or man, will be at an equal standing

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ISIS – Global Terror at India’s Doorstep

The panelists implored us to seek a more nuanced understanding of the causes that lead youth toward organizations like ISIS. Despite facing injustice and oppression, why is it that only a minority take up arms? Why do the majority not participate? How can India resolve the root of separatist insurgencies and begin living as a pluralistic collective?

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Minority Report

A lively session with astute observations from the audience, impassioned arguments from the panel, and perhaps a few suggestions for a more hopeful future.

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