Bangalore Literature Festival (BLF) - 26 - 28 Sep, 2014 | Crowne Plaza @ Velankani Park, Electronics City


Magic and Mystery: A Storywriting Workshop

Keeping with the tradition of planting the seeds of creativity at a tender age, BLF held a Magic and Mystery Storywriting Workshop with authors Pavitra Sankaran and Asha Nehemiah. Pavithra Sankaran, the author of Something Fishy, is an avid reader …

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Poetic Readings

The Right Wing at BLF 2015 witnessed the beginning of this year’s poetic impulse with stalwarts from Kannada, Bengali and English poetry reciting their finest works. BLF organiser and acclaimed writer Shinie Antony set the ball rolling with her poetic …

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Writing Your First Song

Kids love music, so it is no surprise that Timbuktu Publishing’s kids’ session on Writing Your First Song was such a big hit. It encouraged kids aged 7 and above to ideate on song lyrics and tune.

The session was …

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Keynote Address: Shashi Deshpande

An award-winning Indian novelist, and daughter of renowned Kannada writer and dramatist Sriranga, Shashi Deshpande published her first collection of short stories in 1978 and won the Sahitya Akademi Award for her novel That Long Silence in 1990.

Although Deshpande …

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Inaugural Session

The 4th edition of Bangalore Literature Festival commenced on 5th December, 2015. The two day long festival will have the best of speakers, writers and thought leaders come together and share their honest and unbiased views on literature …

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Ballot Box- Polls 2014 and their message

-Melanie P. Kumar

A subject like politics and the ballot-box is guaranteed to attract attention and this is evident from the crowd thronging, “Samskara,” to hear four heavy-weight journalists, including the Moderator, Madhu Trehan. The audience keeps lapping up every …

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Voice, Suppression & Imagination: Contemporary Indigenous Writing from Australia

There are millions and billions of stories to be told, and in the maelstrom of identities and thoughts, finding your voice is the most liberating thing you can do to your writing. Being Aboriginal is not about the color of our skin-identity is socially constructed. Despite generations of trauma and a predominantly oral tradition of storytelling, writing has liberated Aboriginal voice, keeping their culture alive generation after generation.

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Infinite Jest

The crowd roared with laughter throughout this session. In addition to one-liners and jokes only a panel of such talent could pull off, they also discussed how humour can be used to address social issues.

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Voices from Southeast Asia

A woman deeply rooted to her beginnings, another: an amalgamation of different cultural legacies; an Indian expert on everything Chinese, and India’s ambassador to China himself get together to ponder the confluence of cultures in the vast terrain of South East Asia. What transpires is a deeply personal, honest, and amusing session. One that leaves you smiling and shaking your head in awe.

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Love-Asana – Twists and Turns of the Heart

The general consensus among the panelists is that love, as a feeling, is experienced differently by men and women. Romantic love is too intense to last forever. Intimate love is far more enduring. While offering tips on marriage, relationships (including the risks of extra-marital ones), trust, intimacy and equality figured as the important factors for maintaining a healthy marriage.

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Kannada Nava Roopantara: Rebooting Kannada for the Future

Kannada is one of the oldest languages of India. It has constantly evolved and re-invented itself throughout the course of its 2000-odd years of existence. Bangalore plays host to the most number of highly educated migrants. By improving facilities to learn and interact in Kannada and increasing the pride of speaking the language, it is possible for Kannada to continue to expand its reach and influence.

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With Malice towards One and All: Celebrating Khushwant Singh

In his self-written obituary, Khushwanth Singh states, “Here lies one who spared neither man nor god. Waste not your tears on him, he was a sod. Writing nasty things he regarded as great fun. Thank the Lord he is dead, this son of a gun.” Tisca and Humra remember fondly the wisdom he imparted upon them.

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A LifeTime in Choreography: Dr. Maya Rao

Interspersed with dance performances, excerpts from her autobiography, and tales narrated by her daughter Madhu Nataraj and Tara Kini - Hindustani classical music maestro, Dr. Maya Rao’s legacy was brought to life on a balmy Saturday afternoon. It was for the first time at the Bangalore Literature Festival that a book on dance had been featured. There couldn't have been a better choice for this hallmark event than Maya Rao: A Lifetime in Choreography.

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e-Kannada: Technology and the Future of Kannada Literature

Far more than technology, the biggest threat to Kannada is its poor adoption, especially among youth. With Kannada currently not being taught in quite a number of schools and colleges, the panelists felt Kannada might as well be declared a minority language. It faces a serious threat of extinction from within.

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Women’s Narratives- from the Personal to the Political

Almost anything a woman does today, whether intentional or not, becomes political. One cannot separate politics from a woman’s life. Women have a choice in terms of the garb they wear: that of a victim, a ninja or warrior, or they can play a game of pretense. Women’s freedoms are being curtailed and their voices stifled but there is hope for a Post Gender Generation where everyone, whether woman or man, will be at an equal standing

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