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BLF 2019 Reports

Bard of Blood and The Family Man

When two amazing writers of rival streaming platforms Netflix and Amazon come together to discuss their popular web series The Family Man and Bard of Blood, a very engaging session is expected and engaging it was. The conversation at …

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Accidental Magic

I can’t stop reading it, being a Harry Potter fan”, was the note with which Shrabonti began. The next thirty minutes saw Keshava taking us through his journey from entering the world of Harry Potter to his work, …

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From Cosmic Dance to Climate Change

The stage was set for what was going to be one of the most mesmerizing dance performances and social statements all blended into one. Revanta who is a dancer, choreographer, and actor from Ahmedabad started off on a very strong …

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Nehru Lives On

Ramchandra Guha’s study of history is rooted in current politics. With political leanings on display and political opinions out in the open, the discussion began as a strong reminder of the importance of Jawaharlal Nehru as the first Prime Minister.…

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Bestsellers – Smart Women Have Hearts Too

Samhita Arni was in conversation with Anuja Chauhan today on a sunny afternoon at the Tughlaq in the Bangalore Literature Festival. Samhita made a big bang start by opening the conversation with “A fireside chat with the hottest author

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Bestsellers – The Belated Bachelor Party

The Yayati stage arena was seen jam-packed this evening at 3.30 PM as the love story juggernaut, Ravinder Singh and Milan Vohra, better known as India’s first Mills & Boon author, took the stage. The session moderated by Milan, was …

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Hindustani Mussalman

The evening session driven by Abdullah Khan, a Mumbai based novelist, screenwriter, literary critic, and banker was one of the most engaging events of the day two of Bangalore Literature Festival. His discovery of George Orwell sharing origin to his …

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Tales from Rajasthan

How many times do we see characters from the tribal community of the far flung areas of India, particularly in English mainstream publishing? Well, breaking the notion, HarperCollins have published two novella called Bhaunri and Daura written by Anukrti Upadhyay.…

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Bad Man

Bad Man is the autobiography of Bollywood’s favorite antagonist – Gulshan Grover, titled after the name he earned as Bad Man for his role and dialogue delivery in the movie Ram Lakhan. In conversation with Roshini Dadlani from Penguin India, …

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Discovering Bengaluru

The cool climes in the Red Couch at 10:30am adds to the authenticity of the topic of discussions. What else do we really know about Bengaluru apart from its pleasant climates that has been an abiding attraction for years? Meera …

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The Untold Flipkart Story

Business journalist Mihir Dalal, when asked why did he choose to write about Flipkart, said, he had been writing on startups and internet companies since 2014. Flipkart has been the main subject of his coverage. It was also by far …

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India 2047 – Many India’s possible

A candid conversation of Ian McDonald, an award-winning Science Fiction author with Gautham Shenoy.

Getting straight into it, Gautham asked Ian about his book ‘River of Gods’ released in 2004 which talks about India in the year 2047, a century …

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Keshava – A Magnificent Obsession

Bhavana Somaaya has been writing for cinema for more than forty years. She has not only worked as a film critic but published several books, worked on radio, and has no limit to her explorations. In her sixties now, she …

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Telling Stories, Erasing them

What happens when you put a fiction writer in conversation with a poet and if both of them are very good old friends? You experience a very fulfilling, light and informative Sunday morning conversation. 

Arundhathi Subramanian, an award-winning author of …

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Typeset, Ready, Go!

The afternoon session commenced at the Tughlaq stage with Ravinder Singh, an Indian author and a software engineer. Ravinder is a best-selling writer in romantic genre from the state Odisha, with eight successful novels to his name and a publishing …

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